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Instruction on how to Write an Essay (Two Possible Career Choices)

In this task, understudies will break down two potential profession decisions based on their personal preference, and afterward compose a formal diagnostic report adequately introducing a suggestion to seek after one of the vocations. This undertaking has two sections: Part one, the Table of Contents and Introductory Section, is expected toward the finish of week 6. Section two, the report completely, is expected toward the finish of week 8. Understudies are urged to start take a shot at this task no later than week 5, perusing the venture headings, perusing Chapters 13, 14, and 15, and, if time grants, doing primer research.Formal Report Topic This task depends on you picking two potential vocation decisions you would prescribe to a representative, customer or expert contact. Here’s the circumstance: You are to pick two potential profession decisions. Your report ought to incorporate the accompanying: Information and foundation about your two profession decisions. Research fr om in any event six valid sources to advise your crowd and to help the recommendation(s) APA references for all inquired about data (in-text incidental references and a reference list toward the finish of the report) Formal report formattingYou should lead outside research and refer to your sources utilizing APA references. Close the proper report by making proposals to your crowd. Your report MUST be designed as a formal report.Part One (Due Week 6) Table of Contents and Introduction Your task this week is to compose your formal report’s chapter by chapter guide and presentation, utilizing formal organizing. To finish this task, you should have a decent arrangement set up for your conventional report. I urge you to utilize the three-advance procedure we’ve been considering this meeting. (Theâ formal report is expected completely toward the finish of week 8. In week 6, just the chapter by chapter list and presentation are due.)In week 6, your task ought to incorporate the following:A list of chapters utilizing formal report organizing. (Note that page numbers are a bit much this week, as you won't have composed the genuine report yet. Page numbers ought to be included one week from now, however, when you complete the report.) The list of chapters ought to incorporate first-and second-level headings, similar to the model on page 437 in section 15. Incorporate a starting segment including the accompanying four sections (see page 439 in part 15 for an example.IntroductionPurpose, Scope, and Limitations Sources and Methods Report Organization Identify in any event six believable sources you will use in your proposition in the â€Å"Sources and Methods† area. Utilize formal report designing. Be liberated from language structure, spelling, and accentuation errors.Part Two (Due Week 8) Formal Report in Full In week 6, you arranged the conventional report and composed the Table of Contents and Introduction. In week 8, you will finish the conventi onal report. (You may need to modify the Table of Contents and Introduction, in view of the criticism you get from your teacher.) In week 8, your task ought to contain the following:Be arranged as a conventional report, following the rules for formal reports in the content (counting the rules for headings and subheadings found on pages 435-448); Include proper prefatory, text, and supplemental parts (The proper report ought to contain suitable prefatory, text, and supplemental parts, including the accompanying: a spread as well as cover sheet; a letter of transmittal; a chapter by chapter list; the four-section Introductory Section from week 6; fittingly marked body segments; and informative supplements, for example, the customer meeting and rundown of references. Your report does notâ need to contain these parts, however ought to contain the majority of them.); Fully answer the subject of what vocation would you prescribe to a worker, customer or expert contact.The word mean the i ntroduction, body, and end ought to be 1250-1750 words); Use at any rate six valid looked into sources fittingly and successfully; Include legitimate documentation utilizing APA style (both in-text and end-of-text citationsâ€please check your work utilizing turnitin.com); and Be liberated from spelling, language, and accentuation errors.Note: Visual guides are completely proper for this sort of report, yet they are not required. On the off chance that you choose to utilize visual guides, be sure to cling to the measures we have concentrated already in this course.How the Formal Report Assignment is Graded The Formal Report Assignment will be evaluated by the models set out in the Rubrics for a considerable length of time 6 and 7/8, situated in Doc Sharing.

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Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising Children Children And Young People Essay

Accept Equal Accountability In Raising Children And Young People Essay Normally, family is comprised of mother, father, and kids. Kids should be raised by the two guardians, and we as a whole acknowledge that father and mother have imperative jobs in childhood their youngsters into potential and helpful individuals to add to social turn of events. Be that as it may, it is very testing in the event that we need to analyze whether mother or father is increasingly significant. Imagine a scenario in which mother is increasingly significant, is she needs to accept greater accountability, for sure if father is, should he to expect more. On my perspective, in no record should guardians accept inconsistent accountability because of youngsters advancement purpose, the trouble of bringing up kids, and family bliss. Regardless of whether kids are sustained with equivalent obligation from mother and father has impact on childrens improvement for the duration of their lives. With the two considerations, youngsters get full understanding of live from both mother and father since what father can provide for kids is unique in relation to that of the mother, however it doesnt mean one is less significant than the other. Mother can show youngsters how to cook, how to sew, or how to manage family unit task while father can show them how to angle, to be solid, or to shield oneself from any risk. What's more, a few conditions kids need counsel from father and different conditions, just mother is progressively appropriate to offer guidance. On that it is likewise realized that with the two guardians care, youngsters advantage in their braveness. Youngsters will feel certain around the house, at school, or somewhere else on the grounds that they think they are equivalent to other, and they have the two guar dians supporting them. Oppositely, on the off chance that one side neglects to mind their kids, it implies that half of information is spill sine once in a while can either a mother or father totally work as the two jobs. Not exclusively does their insight is influenced, yet in addition kids are bound to have gone to wrong way as Peiitea in his article had cited You need the two eyes to see the make way. Without one, it gets foggy and you might be diverted the way and will most likely be unable to discover your direction once more (peiitea, 2011). Envision when a kid who is illegitimate or motherless strolling in the city and sees other kids with their mom and father, how might they feel? It would disturb the youngsters, and inappropriate conduct will happen as the aftereffect of this irritated inclination. The National Fatherhood Initiative, U.S. Authority of Census for the FBI investigated and assembled measurements identified with kids who were brought up in a family without a dad. People who were father denied make up 72% of every young person killer. 60% of the attackers in the public eye additionally didn't have a functioning dad figure in their life. 70% of youngsters who are detained today experience the ill effects of fatherâ deprivation too. Youngsters who do not have a dad growing up are twice as liable to stop school and multiple times bound to have fierce conduct. Three out of four high school suicides likewise have the regular factor of a truant dad. 80% of young people in mental emergency clinics don't have a dad figure in their lives just as 90% of all run-aways (Watergrl76, 2012). Besides kids additionally face certainty spilling issue with the nonappearance of one side. Naturally, father is the person who give his little girl feeling certain, security, and warmth. As per an article on the web, ladies without fathers will in general have low self-assurance around men. They are powerless and shroud what their limits are (Paul, 2008). Taking all things together, It is exact that youngsters without or less consideration from father do demolish their lives. The nonattendance or inconsistent obligation may disturb their turn of events. Also, bringing up kids isn't simple errand. At the point when they were babies, from milk, food, material, cleaning, figuring out how to walk, or rest is all upsetting. They are twenty four hours should have been dealt with. Imagine a scenario in which the infant becomes ill, cash that you need to pay as well as the anxiety you experience. As they grow up and go to class, more thing guardians need to concern whether they concentrate well, make companion with criminal, play school truant, or eat something undesirable. Besides, every kids is unique, utilizing old approach to instruct kids won't work to your own youngsters. You need more opportunity to watch them and pick the most ideal way. In an article I read on the web, makes reference to taking consideration youngsters is very hard, and incorrect method of encouraging kids is baffling for you just as the kid. Bringing up the kid alone is significantly harder. (TOSSER, 2009). Mother or father alone cant handle those burdens. Recolle ct other than your kids who need care, you yourself additionally need to rest. You need an accomplice who can give consolation and warm. In any case, with the two guardians share obligation, thing is illuminated. To wrap things up, that both parent share equivalent obligation builds family satisfaction. The additional time you are with one another, the all the more understanding you have for one another. Everybody in the family feel close and warm. It carries tranquil condition to kids also the entire family. In an online article likewise demonstrates that when the two guardians have a coordinated effort and awesome understanding in embracing youngsters, family makes less contention (Both Parents ought to Assume Equal Responsibility in Raising Children , 2011). Conversely, without one side consideration, both the kids and the part family feel they are ignored. Kids feel they dont get love from father, and mother feel father dont ready to support her. Nothing is more awful than parent care just working and dont possess energy for family. My partner may state that guardians cannot share equivalent obligation since father is busier grinding away to claim for the living. He doesnt have the opportunity to deal with their kids. Mother should be liable for it. This contention has some legitimacy on a superficial level. Recall marriage isn't all our sharing assignment to do, yet love. Work at house, dealing with the child and family unit, is substantially more unpleasant then the activity outside. Moreover, everybody is occupied; it is only the matter of how you deal with your time, and consider the possibility that mother lamentably dies, who will deal with our youngsters. How might you backing to deal with them when you and they are practically more unusual? On the off chance that father dont possess energy for his youngsters, it will lessen the family satisfaction. To summarize, on account of the enthusiasm of childrens improvement, the pressure of bringing up kids, and the family fulfillment, sharing equivalent obligation is an unquestionable requirement. Each parent should think about this since kids are frail and guiltless they need the two cares and backing to assist them with tolerating new thing, become familiar with the social worth, and meet with the social desire.

Islam and Europe Essay Example for Free

Islam and Europe Essay In cutting edge Europe, individuals neglect to see the numerous effects Islam has had on one of the most impressive mainlands in the western world. To see these effects, we need to return ever, from around 1000 C.E. to 1750 C.E. The effects made by the Islamic world during this time have formed Europe to the force house it is currently. A large portion of the political effect Islam made on Europe occurred during the Crusades. The Crusades started in 1095 when Pope Urban II required the countries in Europe in join for one reason. Before Pope Urban’s calling, Europe was partitioned into common wars, yet he had required an association. The Crusades were coordinated towards Muslims, focusing on the city of Jerusalem. The Crusades carried force and acknowledgment to the pope yet as the Crusades turned out to be less effective, the pope lost this force and prevalence. The Crusades additionally carried more capacity to the lords. Before the Crusades, the rulers had little influence in light of the fact that the majority of the land was possessed by rich privileged people who claimed little militaries. During fight, these blue-bloods were slaughtered without picking a beneficiary. On account of the absence of a beneficiary these nobles had, the land was given to the ruler, accordingly giving the lords more force. Exchange brought to the Christian world by the Islamic world helped Europe’s economy incredibly. Prior to the Crusades, exchange Europe was practically nonexistent, causing a negative effect on its economy. The Crusades, in any case, made a huge flood of Muslim products and extravagances. Need for these merchandise turned out to be evident with the rich giving the shippers the plan to make exchange with the Islamic world. Going before the twelfth century, a great part of the Islamic and European exchange was uneven, Islam trading to Europe. Be that as it may, during the twelfth century, the major Islamic exchanging center point, Andalusia, helped Europe grow its exportation. Additionally, Muslims presented and banking and credit framework into Europe. The social impact Islam had on Europe was exceptionally significant considering the innovative progressions made by the Islamic world at that point. Prior to 1400, the main tutoring offices in Europe were religious communities. The advancement of colleges came to Europe when European researchers discovered Muslim interpretation of tragically deceased Greek and Roman grant. In addition to the fact that Islam helped build up tutoring in Europe it gave new innovation to the Europeans. For instance in arithmetic. Before the Islamic impact, Europeans utilized unwieldy roman numerals. After 1150, the Hindu-Arabic numeral framework was acquainted with Europe. Arabic nummerals, with an extra character for zero, bit by bit got standard, helping in the advancement of math. They additionally made headways in medication. The European method to treat irresistible ailment depended on strange notion. After the 1300’s, therapeutic information created on clinical schools dependent on the Ara bic clinical reference book. These advances prepared for current practices. These effects made in Europe by Islam additionally had an impact all inclusive. Without the improvement of lords increasing more force, our administration today would be totally extraordinary, just as our social classes. This medieval exchange to Europe from the Islamic world comes to today with the oil exchange. The numerical progressions made by Arabic Empires gave us our cutting edge comprehension of a wide range of math; same with medication. These impacts didn't just effect Europe yet the whole world, present day and recorded.

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East Asia Economic Community establishment Prospects Essay Example for Free

East Asia Economic Community foundation Prospects Essay Following the dynamic patterns intensified by tremendous globalization, local coordination is getting progressively significant all through the globe. Since late 1940s, East Asia has been attempting to build up territorial collaboration with little achievement. Monstrous contrasts, unreasonable requests and bureaucratic initiative has made this fantasy an entanglement in the skyline. In any case, understanding the gigantic advantages that other local reconciliations like European Union have accomplished, East Asian Countries seems to have made an understood choice to completely incorporate. As demonstrated and enhanced by the result of the 2007 Nikkei gathering, the area has different possibilities that reconciliation is required to convey to them after its reception (Kent Francis, 2008, pp. 63-64). In any case, they anticipate quicker and improved financial development in the district. With the district holding over 25% of the all out total populace all inclusive and instructing a worldwide Growth Domestic Product of over US $ 9 trillion, it gangs a potential limit both locally and globally as far as market powers of merchandise and enterprises consistently. With expanded mechanical ability to create excellent products and enterprises as demonstrated by China, Japan and Korea, the district anticipates immense modernization which has been anticipated to outperform North America assuming completely and deliberately executed. As a square the locale will order more noteworthy market and control to worldwide redistributing speculators furthering its potential benefit. In this manner, similar to European Union, the network will go about as the primary mediator for measures just as the conditions and necessities for directing business with different accomplices (Praduma, 2005, pp.14-15). To add to that, provincial security will be exceptionally helped for the financial specialists and the neighborhood network in the area. Since September 9/11 fear based oppressor assault in US, South East Asia like different areas has been under incredible risk from psychological oppressors. Reconciliation in this way will facilitate the progression of data inside the district; build up measures for products entering the locale and profit enough assets fundamental for scientific political readiness consistently. As meant by the European Union, air, land and maritime observation ought to be plentifully helped in this way keeping up territorial harmony the entire locale (Kent Francis, 2008, p. 235). Plus, provincial fiascos that visit the area ought to be indisputably tended to. Sufficient innovative and monetary readiness ought to be built up. Thus it will ease checking, avoidance and ensuing moderation of the conceivable resultant harms. To add to that, territorial societies ought to be significantly protected to guarantee that all the networks live in concordance with one another. In light of conventional ways of thinking and strict storm cellars like Taoism in China, the alliance should cautiously revere all the networks accepts and beliefs (Hua Sing Lim, 2008, pp. 25-26). End. East Asia Economic people group possibilities of progress in provincial economy, significant level security just as social decent variety acknowledgment and upgrade will guarantee that the area stays centered. Pioneers in the area along these lines ought to allude to the above possibilities as a joining front for accomplishing the ideal combination targets in the district. This combination ought to thusly be hurried to guarantee that rapid advantages stream to the area. Work Cited Hua Sing Lim. Approach ramifications of monetary coordination: East Asian people group. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2008. Kent, Calder Francis Fukuyama. East Asian Multilateralism: Prospects for Regional Stability. John Hopkin press: Baltimore, 2008. Praduma, Rana. Financial Integration in East Asia: Trends, Prospects and conceivable guide. 2005. Recovered from: http://www. ris. organization. in/china_pradumna_rana. pdf.

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How Long Should My Novel Be

How Long Should My Novel Be This question is often asked by first-time novelists, but before we delve into suggested word counts for novels and other genres, take a minute to consider these facts:Victor Hugos beloved classic, Les Misérables, was 420,000 words long, while Ernest Hemingways The Old Man and the Sea had just 26,000 words. Ray Bradburys Fahrenheit 451 contained 46,118 words, while John Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath had 169,481 words. What do these numbers tell you?Word count expectations can varyAs you can see, the word count of great literature from the past is widely different, depending on the novel. And even today, there are outliers to the word count average or norm that is expected (J.K. Rowlings books, for example).There are, however, some general rules and expectations that are put out by various organizations or publishers. For example, The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America offers these suggested lengths for its Nebula award categories:Novelâ€"40,000 words or overNovellaâ€"17 ,500 to 39,999 wordsNoveletteâ€"7,500 to 17,499 wordsShort storyâ€"under 7,500 wordsAuthor Chuck Sambuchino says between 80,000 and 89,999 words is a good range for literary, mainstream, womens, romance, mystery, suspense, thriller and horror. He writes, Anything in this word count wont scare off any agent anywhere.Jane Smiley, author of 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel suggests that the sweet spot of novel length is between 100,000 and 175,000 words.Word counts broken down by genreAnne R. Allens blog, voted as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest, suggests the following word counts based on debut fiction. She breaks it down by genre to create even more specific guidelines.Picture Booksâ€"text: 500-1000 words (32 pages is ideal.)Middle Grade fictionâ€"20,000 to 40,000. Upper Middle Grade can be a bit longer.Young Adult fictionâ€"25,000 to 80,000.Chick Litâ€"60,000-75,000.Cozy Mysteriesâ€"55,000-70,000. *The author notes that Agatha Christies mysteries tend to be around 40,000.Fantasyâ€"90,000-110,000.Historical fictionâ€"80,000 to 110,000+.Literary fictionâ€"65,000 to 100,000,*The author notes that publishers are trending away from the higher numbers, preferring Spare and elegant.Standard Mysteries and Crime Fictionâ€"70,000 to 100,000.Romanceâ€"55,000 to 75,000.Science Fictionâ€"75,000 to 100,000.Thrillersâ€"80,0000 to 100,000.Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romanceâ€"70,000 to 90,000.Westernsâ€"50,000 to 80,000.Womens Fictionâ€"70,000 to 100,000.A final wordAs you can see, word count averages and expectations will vary, depending on the type of novel you are writing and the genre into which it fits. These guidelines suggested by online resources will certainly have outliers and are by no means set in stone. However, if your debut novel veers outside of them, it might be a good idea to hire an editor to see if there are sections that could be cut to bring word count back into normal paremeters.

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Solitary Confinement Has Negative Implications on Prisoners - 1650 Words

Solitary Confinement Has Negative Implications on Prisoners (Essay Sample) Content: NameProfessorCourseDateSolitary Confinement Has Negative Implications on PrisonersIntroductionIt is approximated that close to 80,000 American prisoners are currently under lock up in a segregated housing unit. The solitary confinement that one undergoes in such units has a lot of negative implications among them adverse psychological effects which can be eminent in less than two weeks. The social isolation that the brain undergoes to some extent can be regarded as inhuman calling for the fact that the conditions which make up segregated house units should be reviewed. All the results that are recorded from such scenarios should be even considered as torture basing on the fact that it has significant effects on the brain.Solitary Confinement Has Negative Implications on PrisonersThere has been no precise definition for solitary confinement, but many have come to the agreement that it is a situation where an inmate is held in isolation and away from the rest of the pri soners. It is believed that it usually occurs for at least 22 hours a day. In some cases, prisoners under solitary confinement can be allowed close to an hour for exercise for like an hour each day. However, meaningful contact is reduced to very minimal scenarios. In almost all cases, prisoners who have been subjected to these conditions are deprived of basic stimulus which is usually characterized by very rare or no social contacts at all.Reports based on testimonies have pointed to the fact that voluntary segregation is done in special housing which can be compared to the size of a bathroom where individuals are held for 23 hours or even more per day (Arrigo et al. 633). The rooms are lit by fluorescent lights which are never shut off. When one is in administrative segregation, video surveillance is constant and at not point do they stop monitoring the feeds from the room. It is during all these times that all the social contacts are very minimal where one cannot be in a position to see even the fellow prisoners. They only have contact with the guards and in rare cases accorded with video conferences with their families. For stimulation purposes, they are given access to some few books and often have no televisions in the rooms.The horrific scenarios are usually felt by those individuals who have endured the conditions. The Kaleif Browder story is a clear depiction of what the conditions are in solitary confinement. Th 16-year-old had been falsely accused of stealing a backpack in the year 2010 while on his way home after a party in the Bronx. He ended up spending three years in Rikers Island jail where for most of his time in prison, he served in solitary confinement before finally being cleared of his charges after they were dropped (Smith 476). He was subjected to solitary confinement when he was 17 years of age where he stayed for close to 300 days or even more. Basing on the fact that he was still a child his brain had not fully developed. The experienc e he went through is well known to the public, and there were chances that he would eventually experience a permanent brain damage. The experience, especially for a young man, is so dramatic, and the situations here are so horrific even if one had been convicted of the crime. It even becomes worse when he is finally released since the charges were dropped.For prisoners in both small and medium security jails, they are usually thrown to these cells for just a few days. On the other hand, those in maximum prisons experience longer term where some face these conditions for up to five years. Prisoners in some cases have been held in solitary confinement for even decades. In most American prisons, solitary confinement is the order of the day, and most view it as normal.There are no precise statistics regarding those being held in isolation, but as per recent studies that were conducted in 2011, approximately 20,000 to 25,000 prisoners in the United States took place in such conditions. A s per Keim, California holds up to 4500 inmates in solitary confinement. He further goes on to put it clear that close to 80,000 prisoners have been detained in this conditions across the United States. These numbers render the United States to be having the largest number of those in solitary confinement.Human beings are social beings, and the moment they are not in a position to mingle with the rest or other parties, their brains are likely to decay (Haney 136). When there is nothing to do, there are high chances that the brain atrophies, and whenever there is no chance to see in the distance, the vision eventually fades. When one is kept in isolation, one is likely to lose control and even breed anger which is usually accompanied by both anxiety and hopelessness. It is pretty clear that solitary confinement is capable of completely destroying people who play the part of human beings. Studies that have been conducted by individuals such as Sharon Shalev and Peter Smith have agreed with the fact that the typical symptoms are in a position to tamper with the traits associated with normal human beings. Instead, it comes with very negative implications which mess up the lives of those who may be in solitary confinement.Anxiety, anger, cognitive disturbances, depression, and even perceptual distortions are some of the issues that come up as a result of subjecting ordinary human beings to solitary confinement. The loss of the ability to even feel a thing at any given time is one thing that none may be wanted to be associated with. Some even show signs of paranoia and even psychosis where there are experiences of recurrent thoughts which are in most cases associated with violence and even vengeful characters. Self-harm is another aspect where one may subject him/herself to self-mutilations, or even some in most cases attempt to take away their lives.For California alone, research has shown that prisoners are 33 times more in a position which can lead them to commit suicide. It is even worrying from the fact that one is likely to experience severe damage to the brain when they are even confined for just 15 days. Most face irreversible psychological harm. It is even pretty clear that in some cases the negative signs are recorded even earlier. However, it is still paramount that individuals who are subjected to such conditions are likely to face significant health conditions.It is approximated that it is between 8 percent and 19 percent of the American prisoners usually end up with major psychiatric conditions or even functional disabilities (Haney 66). Another 15 percent to 20 percent will h...

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Power Electronics For Renewable Energy Utilization

Power Electronics Application in Renewable Energy Utilization Kyle Felthauser Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Texas Tech University Lubbock, United States of America kyle.felthauser@ttu.edu Abstract—This paper covers the need and use of power electronics in the application of renewable energy utilization. Covered in this paper is wind energy with variable speed drives and their controlling power electronics. Solar energy, specifically photovoltaics and their controlling power electronics. High-voltage direct current transmission lines and the power electronics that allow for this technology to exist. Keywords—Power Electronics; Wind Energy; Solar Energy, High-Voltage Direct Current I. INTRODUCTION Energy demands are on the rise across the world and in many modernized countries the push for renewable energy is rising. Two of the main renewable energy sources that are getting a lot of attention are wind and solar. One of the difficulties presented with some renewable energy sources are their inherent inconsistency. Wind intensities change from hour to hour and from one season to the next. Solar radiation can be strong one minute and be nearly blocked out the next by a cloud. To make renewable energy more reliable and coincide with strict utility standards the use of power electronics is needed. The advancement in power electronics has also greatly improved in efficiency and allows more energy to be captured by natural resources. Another difficulty withShow MoreRelatedElectrical Design Of Electrical Engineering917 Words   |  4 PagesThe biggest concern would be the shortage of electricity since electricity is always constantly being used. An electrical designer is outlines and grows new electrical hardware, takes care of issues and tests gear. They work with a wide range of electronic gadgets, from the smallest pocket gadgets to large supercomputers. Electrical engineers work in businesses including innovative work, building administrations, assembling, broadcast communications, and the government. Electrical builds for the mostRead MoreSolar Street Lighting System : An Ideal Village Campus And Street Applications Light Essay995 Words   |  4 Pagesto that is natural sunlight energy sources consumption. For reducing people are moving towards the use of solar power conversion power. Many subsidies are given by the Indian Government on the use of solar power. Basis and putative ïÆ'Ëœ Calculated based on capacity have been taken 75% high efficiency single shift. ïÆ'Ëœ The maximum capacity of about 300 days a single screen-based capacity utilization year. Ability to act in the first year and second year utilization rate was 60% and 80% unit isRead MoreControl System And Performance Of Dc Microgrid Under Various Loads1596 Words   |  7 PagesDepartment of Electrical Power Engineering, Yangon Technological University, Yangon Technological University, InseinTownship, Yangon, Myanmar 1yaminsoe.lpt@gmail.com 2soesoeeiaung@gmail.com 3zclinn@gmain.com Ph No: +95 95070091 Abstract: DC microgrid is the high quality electric power system focused on the development of renewable energy resources. The dc distribution system is connected to AC grid, Photovoltaic system and synchronous generator. Moreover, the power is transmitted through dcRead MoreThe Benefits Of Renewable Energy In ASEAN818 Words   |  4 Pagesgrowing up from 615 million in 2014 to 715 million by 2025 [1]. It will increase the energy consumption which resulting in a rapid rise in energy demand. This expected to increase 4% of annual growth in energy demand until 2025 amounting to a rise of 50% over 2014 levels. The electricity supply demands in 2025 are also expected will double compare to 2014 [1]. Besides that, rapid growth in economic also increase the energy consumption in ASEAN. Due to rich in natural resources and highly liberalized economicRead MoreControl System And Performance Of Dc Micro Grid Under Various Loads1597 Words   |  7 PagesDepartment of Electrical Power Engineering, Yangon Technological University, Yangon Technological University, InseinTownship, Yangon, Myanmar 1yaminsoe.lpt@gmail.com 2soesoeeiaung@gmail.com 3zclinn@gmain.com Ph No: +95 95070091 Abstract: DC microgrid is the high quality electric power system focused on the development of renewable energy resources. The dc distribution system is connected to AC grid, Photovoltaic system and synchronous generator. Moreover, the power is transmitted through dcRead MoreConverting Energy Essay824 Words   |  4 PagesConverting Energy 1 The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be destroyed or created, only transferred or transformed. That being said, each form of energy has the ability to be converted into another form of energy. And since there are several forms of energy, that makes many different conversions achievable. Almost all technological gadgets convert one energy form into a new one. The vast number of devices that can convert energy into other states of energy are termedRead MoreSpringfield Missouri s Drury University s Ozarks Center For Sustainable Solutions1526 Words   |  7 Pages(NYSE: CVA), a world pioneer in sustainable waste administration and renewable energy, today declared another organization with nine Western Massachusetts regions for packaged sustainable waste management services. Covanta will give feasible waste transfer at the Covanta Springfield Energy from-Waste office, additional to other waster services (Convanta). Covanta is the proprietor/administrator of the Covanta Springfield Energy from-Waste office in Agawam where eight of the nine regions have givenRead MoreEnergy Resources And Energy Management1512 Words   |  7 Pages1.3 Energy Misused in Campus Energy management supplies sizeable options throughout helping significant community organizations including colleges, hospitals wards, government workplace houses and other who have high energy consumption personal operations cut costs substantially. Energy management is something electricity providers as well as electricity corporations accomplish to ensure that his or her electric power programs as well as alternative electricity solutions produce enough electricityRead MoreThe European Union1405 Words   |  6 Pages The European Union is committed to a challenging renewable energy goal of at least 27% of final energy consumption by renewable sources by 2030. While this goal is in part motivated by environmentally concerns, with commitments to climate change in mind, it is also politically motivated. Europe energy needs are currently heavily dependent on natural gas, which is mostly imported from Russia. This arrangement puts Europe in danger from Russian blockades and political pressure. The crash of theRead MoreA Report On Energy Management Supplies1562 Words   |  7 Pagesnergy Misused in Campus     Energy management supplies sizeable options throughout helping significant community organizations including colleges, hospitals wards, government workplace houses and other who have high energy consumption personal operations cut costs substantially. Energy management is something electricity providers as well as electricity corporations accomplish to ensure that his or her electric power programs as well as alternative electricity solutions produce enough electricity